Sunday, 22 July 2012

Collingwood Children's Farm Famers Market

Being such a foodie I just LOVE Farmers Markets. I get a real buzz talking to the people who actually grow the veggies, make the jams and roast the nuts! And I also like the fact that most of the produce/goodies at Farmers Markets are either organic, or made with the freshest ingredients.

I've always wanted to go to the Collingwood Children's Farm Farmers Market. So when my girlfriend suggested we head there, I was excited to have a shopping buddy!

Recently I have been doing a lot of reading on 'Clean Eating', and am now much more conscience with what I'm putting into my body. Where possible I'm now buying organic fruit and veg. And I could't believe how much cheaper organic produce at the market was, compared to buying it at the supermarket.

Now the Market. There is about 50 stalls in total. Most were selling food. But some also selling flowers and seedlings. There's some great options on offer for lunch too. Hot organic soups on the boil, gozlems, pancakes, venison sausages and much more. I went for the 'Jumbo' Organic potato rosti and it was delish. It was served with beetroot and apple relish, tomato salsa and a pumpkin salad. My girlfriend had a spinach and cheese gozlem which she said was yummy too.

It was quite muddy under foot, so if you go make sure you don't wear your fancy shoes! We had boots on luckily. Some other shoppers were in their gumboots. And there were even people pushing around their wheel barrows loaded up with their goodies. Loved this idea! Suggested to my hubby we bring our wheel barrow next month when we go! But unfortunately its so big it doesn't actually fit in our car! ha ha.

So if you're a market lover like me make sure you check out this market. It's a fun day out, and if you want to buy organic but can't afford the price tag, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices.

Out Of Pocket: $2 Parking & $2pp Donation Entry (Make sure you have coins)

Collingwood Farm Farmers Market Address;
St Heliers St,

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