Monday, 21 May 2012

Houghton's Winery - Swan Valley

A little while back I headed to sunny Perth for a bit of sunshine, relaxation, and to catch up with some great friends who recently moved to this sunny state. I imagined Perth to be laid was super laid back. Prob a little too laid back for me, as I like a bit of hustle and bustle to keep the day exciting!

We stayed in Scarborough where our friends were living. Such a great little spot. Beautiful long stretches of white sandy beach, and a laid back vibe that makes you instantly slow down and relax. 

Of course we got out to explore what Perth has to offer. With a little help from Urbanspoon, and some friends who grew up in Perth we were pointed in the right direction. 

Houghton's Winery was one of our first stops as I love a good winery lunch! And it didn't disappoint. A quick glance at the menu and my decision was made very quickly. I can't go past a great winery platter full of local produce where you can nibble your way through the wide selection of yummy things on offer! Luckily one of my friends didn't need any convincing to share with me, as the platters are made for two people. 

Mann Platter

So we ended up going for the Mann Platter which was delicious. The platter was made up of peach & lemon chicken shanks, sticky pork ribs, moroccon grilled lamb, tzatziki, chef's salad and relish, a fresh selection of crusty bread, and lastly a nut crusted deep fried brie. All elements of the platter were so yummy, but definite stand outs for me were the pork ribs, and the brie. The ooziness of the brie smeared on a piece of bread was amazing! But I felt like a fatty after eating my way through half the cheese wheel! 

Wagyu Beef Buger

My other two friends with me were going to go the wagyu beef burger. But when they went to the counter to order, they were told there was only one burger left and they'd be sold out for the day. Always a good sign!! So they went halvies in the burger, and a serve of the sticky pork ribs w chips. They really enjoyed both dishes, but said the burger was the winner of the two. 

We washed lunch down with some bottles of wine, which we were able to buy in the tasting area and take across to the cafe to have with lunch. Loved that you could do this, instead of pay per the glass at restaurant prices. 

Swan Valley is such a pretty part of Perth, and I'd def recommend you take the 50 or so minute drive out there to enjoy what the wineries have to offer. Unfortunately we didn't have a full day free, so we limited ourselves to Houghton's for lunch, and a couple of other wineries for some quick tastings - and a stop at a chocolate factory which I'll post about shortly. 

More on Perth to come soon!!

Houghton's Winery Address
148 Dale Rd
Middle Swan
WA, 6065

Out Of Pocket
Mann Platter (worth every cent!): $55
Wagyu Beef Burger w chips: $28
Sticky Ribs w chips: $25
Wine: Forget now, but very reasonable because we paid by the bottle at the tasting area of the winery!

Houghton Café on Urbanspoon

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