Sunday, 3 June 2012

Naked For Satan

Spain is one of my favourite countries....and I'm sure its got to do with how amazing spanish food is! So when I heard about Naked for Satan, a Basque inspired pintxo and Vodka bar....I got very excited. Saturday night I finally headed there with one of my girlfriends, for a drink and a bite to eat to start off the night!

As soon as we walked through the front door my eyes instantly went to the bar filled with plates of pintxo's all lined up! For those that don't know what a pintxo is. It's a crusty piece of bread stick with a variety of different toppings, held together by a tooth pick. Pixtxo's are very popular in Spain, and the spanish love to snack on them over a wine for dinner, mixed with a selection of other tapas. 

After finding a comfy couch upstairs we started to study the drinks menu, which is filled with old school pin up girl illustrations, making it quirky and fun to flick through. Deciding what to drink was a hard task, with such a large variety of infused vodkas and yummy sounding cocktails. 

I ended up going for the Watermelon and Mint infused vodka, mixed with a splash of soda and a slice of lime. It was so delish and refreshing. My girlfriend was a little more adventurous and went for the chocolate infused vodka, which was served on the rocks with a slice of fresh orange. It took a couple of sips to be able to taste the chocolate flavours....its was nice, but think we were expecting it to be much more chocolatey, so were a little disappointed. I asked one of the guys behind the bar what their most popular/best infused vodka is, and he said the pineapple is their speciality! So I'm going to give that a go next time.

And now onto the pintxo's. With such a large variety of pintxo's with interesting spanish inspired toppings it wasn't an easy decision! But finally we ended up getting a mixed plate of the goats cheese w quince paste and pistachio's (my personal favourite), Potato spanish tortilla topped with a creamy garlic aioli, cream cheese with quince paste, olive and walnuts and lastly eggplant and olive with crumbled blue cheese. The bread was crusty on the outside, and nice and soft on the inside, and the topping's were all really fresh and made you want to go back for more! And at $2 a pop. Why wouldn't you.

Whilst seated sipping our vodka, and enjoying our pintxo's, bar staff circulate the room every 5 mins or so with a hot selection of pintxo's to temp you even further!! It worked on me, I couldn't refuse the tomato meatball with shaved parmesan one that was smelling oh so good, just sitting there on the plate being waved in front of me. Unfortunately this one was gone before I even thought about taking a pic. Sorry! But it was super yum and I'd recommend you give it a try if it's offered to you. 

Once our bellies were full, and glasses dry, it was time to tally up our tooth picks. Payment here works on an honesty system which I think is really cute. You carry your tooth picks up to the bar, and they are counted up to work out the bill. 

So how would I sum up Naked for Satan?? Well, It was a really fun way to start off our Sat night. The place has a great vibe, good crowd, some delicious authentic tasting pintxo's and a huge selection of interesting infused vodka's. Wish we could have stayed longer, and I'll def be heading back there soon!

Naked For Satan Address
285 Brunswick St

Out Of Pocket
Infused Vodka: $10
Pintxo's: All $2 each (But they do a lunch time special of 80cent pintxo's Mon - Fri)

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