Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Phat Brats

A week or two ago (yes I've been slack with keeping up to date with my posts), a friend and I headed to a newbie called Phat Brats for a quick bite to eat before heading to the movies. The best way to describe Phat Brats.....think New york hot dog joint, but with a hint of fanciness - to make it more Melbourne like!

With so many amazing sounding dogs on the menu board it was too hard to choose just one! So my friend and I decided to go halvies in two dogs, with a serving of cheesy fries on the side! Yum Yum. 

The Chilli Dog

I can never help but ask what a waiter, or in this case, a guy behind the counter, what they would recommend I try?? I love it when I get an instant response, with their suggestions, because it adds to the excitement of the whole dining experience! So to my excitement without hesitation the guy behind the counter told me that their chilli dog was a must! So we went with the chilli dog! 

When our order arrived at the table it took me down memory lane, to my summer spent in Up State New York...where a lot of American food joints I frequented served up their burgers and deep fried goods in these cheap looking red plastic baskets! These might look cheap and nasty to some, but for me, it added to the whole experience!

Now onto the dog. The actual sausage was made with wagyu, and it was topped with ground beef, their homemade chilli and cheesy sauces, with a sprinkle of spring onions. So I took my first bite, and with chilli and cheesy sauce running down my chin and hands, I couldn't decide whether I loved it or not? I came to the conclusion that I loved all the elements except the actual sausage itself. It was definitely super fresh, and had some great flavours going on, however it seemed a little on the tough side. On a positive note the chilli and cheesy sauces complimented one another so well, and the ground beef was super yummy.

The Pork & Sage Dog

Although the chilli dog was what came recommended, it was actually the Pork & Sage that got my mouth watering when looking at the menu board! And it didn't disappoint. Piled onto the sausage was an apple, cabbage and fennel slaw, drizzled with a creamy delicious horse radish sauce....and lets not forgot the little pieces of crackling balancing on top! I loved the combination of the apple, fennel, creamy horse radish sauce, with the crunch of the crackling. And the actual dog had fennel seeds in it, which also added to the flavour explosion you got with every bite! This one was the winner in my books, and I'll definitely be heading back for another in the near future. 

Cheesy Fries

I could have honestly had a couple of baskets of these bad boys. Not because there weren't enough. The basket was overflowing. But once you start. You can't stop! And I wonder why my arse got rather large while living in the states! Ha ha. The fries were hot and crispy, the cheesy sauce was super cheesy and just the right consistency! It was everything cheesy fries should be. The only thing it was missing (which I think is a must with cheesy fries) was tomato sauce! So I asked for some of their homemade sauce for dipping! I highly recommend you do this too! Just adds a bit of something extra!

So Overall I recommend Phat Brats for those wanting a quick, non fuss, bite to eat like I did! I will def be back, even if just to snack on some more of those amazing cheesy fries! he he. 

Phat Brats Address: 
320 Brunswick St 

Out Of Pocket: 
The Chilli Dog: $8.90
Pork & Sage Dog: $8.90
Cheesy Fries: $6.00
Side Of Homemade Tomato Sauce: Complimentary

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